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      Tide business Li Hongming deep farming industrial control board for decades, with technology to protect the manufacturing moat
      Column:Company News Time:2020-10-08
      "The counter of 10 square metre in those days, it is the starting point that oneself start a business."Sitting in his office, Li Hongming recalls with emotion the days when he started his business in Shenzhen in 2001.

              "The counter of 10 square metre in those days, it is the starting point that oneself start a business."Sitting in his office, Li Hongming recalls with emotion the days when he started his business in Shenzhen in 2001.
                In the late 1990s and early 1920s, Li Hongming not only served as the director of a film company, developed a number of camera equipment, filled in a number of gaps in the domestic, and won the gold content of the title of ultra high intermediate radio engineer.



              With his love for the electronics industry, Li Hongming gave up his iron rice bowl at that time and came to Shenzhen resolutely in 2001, starting a journey of entrepreneurship about "love".

      From 10 square meters of stores to tens of thousands of square meters of industrial park

               Li Hongming dream began, is huaqiang North Seg Square a 10 square meters of small shop, began to do hard disk sales and industrial control motherboard agent.

              Later, the POS terminal industry boomed, which promoted the sales of industrial control motherboard, but at that time, the technology of industrial control motherboard was mostly originated from abroad.Li Hongming thought, since the industry is hot, why don't I take off the agency's hat, do China's own brand.

              And the first customer Wang Yinghuai, because li Hongming credibility created the public praise, for him and pull a big wave of customers, also for the later Li Hongming industrial control motherboard technology deep ploughing buried fofol.


                 With the increasing demand of POS terminal industrial control board, Li Hongming's customers are all over Shanghai, Changchun, Shenyang and other places.On the one hand, due to the geographical restrictions and the traffic and logistics conditions at that time, the communication and traffic costs of customers buying industrial control main board are high.On the other hand, these customers saw the strong development momentum of the intelligent information industry in Shenzhen and the infinite possibilities of the development of The Electronic capital of Shenzhen, so they arranged a group to start a business in Shenzhen.

                As their mutual friend and partner, Li Hongming has provided them with a lot of support, not only helping them to go through the formalities of starting a business in Shenzhen, but also providing financial support.Li Hongming's loyalty not only promoted the success of his friends, but also laid a solid foundation for the rapid development of Kyrgyzstan.

      The development of the electronics industry is not a day, Ji Fang industrial control is also in a step by step forward, more than 10 years of development, set up the ji Fang in industrial control main board industry leading brand status.

               However there are few successful road is smooth, kyrgyzstan under Li Hongming control in the way, after three years started to explore, four years accumulation of transformation, the eight years since the upgrade, huaqiang north seg plaza from 10 square meters small stores to nearly thousands of square meters of kyrgyzstan industrial park, behind the office area expanded to 1000 times of hardship is self-evident, but Li Hongming "intelligent building a custom for the Chinese heart" vision still has not changed.

              At the beginning of his business, Li Hongming was just a small agent of industrial control motherboard. At that time, Shenzhen was regarded by many people as a follower of the electronics industry. How to change the status quo and move from following to private brand?

              The word followers deeply hurt Li Hongming, for industrial control main board in the domestic industry blank, Li Hongming is not reconciled.

               So at that time, "make than buy, buy than rent" in the voice of the opposition, resolutely engaged in industrial control motherboard research and development.In 2008, Li Hongming officially registered the trademark GIFA and began to change from an agent to a brand designer, which also shows his bold and forward-looking side as an entrepreneur.Of course, courage is because he dares to face problems, not because he does not encounter problems.

              The problem came in 2012, when Mr. Li set up a research and development team in a 200-square-meter office to formally establish China's industrial Control brand.On the one hand, li Hongming and his engineers realized how big the gap between trade and technology was when they transformed from trade to self-research.On the other hand, the initial Jifang industrial Control is not a manufacturer, even if the order volume is small, but also still adhering to the spirit of artisans, high-end brand parts and components adhere to do a good job.

              At this stage, technology and brand are Li Hongming's new positioning, which is the process from 0 to 1 of brand design in 2008 to 1 to N of r&d team establishment in 2012.

              From the beginning of the establishment, Li Hongming adhering to the customer first, honest and trustworthy principle, customers from the south to Shenzhen to find Li Hongming venture to give advice and advice together from the side also verified the service philosophy of Jifang Industrial control, excellent technology and good service created today's Jifang industrial control.

              Nowadays, Li Hongming led kyrgyzstan industrial control technology has been expanding its ability and united team, also real agents from the transformation into a set research and development, production, sales and service as one of the brands, from single POS g-kong motherboard to combine with vertical industry, in addition to the retail, fall to the ground network security industry, providing customers with one-stop custom software and hardware integration services.

      Use technology to protect the manufacturing moat, do the solid backing of Chinese manufacturing

              When it comes to future planning, Li Hongming said he will adhere to the research and development innovation, so that The Kyrgyz Side industrial control to a higher level.Before this, What Jifang Industrial Control should do is to insist on technological innovation again and again, polish the products, and let the spirit of craftsmen penetrate into the blood of Jifang Industrial Control.

      In the last 20 years, the electronics industry has been booming. This is the time of day.Shenzhen faces the sea, near Hong Kong and Macao, is also the electronic capital, this is the geographical location;Make friends all over the world, polish high-quality products for partners, so that Li Hongming in the business sea to win people.

              In the right place, right time and, Li Hongming kyrgyzstan with industrial control towards a higher level, not only gained certificate of national high-tech enterprise, shenzhen high technology and new technology enterprise certificate, become owns more than 30 national invention patents, and with independent industrial park of industrial control industry leader, customers include hisense, alto, from da, easy to access business group listed companies.Li Hongming, who attaches great importance to the scientific and technological innovation of enterprises, has been recognized by the industrial control market through the development step by step.

       Nowadays, While doing a good job in domestic business, Ji Fang industrial control also expands its vision to the international market, allowing ji Fang Industrial control products containing technical strength and artisan spirit to accept the test of the international market.

      In addition, as the party representative of Futian District in Shenzhen, Li Hongming initiated and founded the Shenzhen Retail Intelligent Information Industry Association in 2017.

      Under the leadership of Li Hongming, the association now has more than 200 enterprise members and is one of the most influential retail industry associations in the Greater Bay Area of Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao and even in China.

       When the reporter asked the establishment of retail intelligent information industry association, led to complete the intelligent group standards, the integration of new retail smart stores, for The Kyrgyz industrial control is low return, almost no earnings, why do they insist on doing?

      Li hongming said that a chopstick can be easily broken off, and retail industry individuals are too scattered, which will inevitably lead to vicious competition in the long run. He hoped that all retail intelligent information enterprises could unite and make a rope, and make a small contribution to the healthy development of retail industry.


        In the present of the rapid development of Internet, the role of the traditional manufacturing industry are ignored by people, has the high technology manufacturing engineers are forgotten by the time, it is the sorrow of the industry, it is a Li Hongming such deep manufacturing technology quietly guarding the moat, made in China that made in China to the Chinese wisdom made in the course of a solid backing.

               What has kept Li Hongming going for decades is his love of the electronics industry.Until now, Li Hongming has not forgotten the first time under the leadership of his father to understand the film machine engineering principle of the picture, a little boy want to become an engineer was planted, his heart germinated with technology to change the world of the dream of the fire, and the situation is burning more and more prosperous.


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