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      Industrial control motherboard towards from the research, Ji Fang industrial control and new infrastructure dongfeng accelerated development
      Column:Company News Time:2020-10-08
      Industry occupies an extremely important position in the national economy.The level of a country's industrial development directly determines the level of its technological and economic development.

      Industry occupies an extremely important position in the national economy.The level of a country's industrial development directly determines the level of its technological and economic development.

      In order to promote the process of industrialization, mankind has worked tirelessly with technology to launch the first and second industrial revolutions.Then in the 1950s, the rise of computer technology led to the emergence of the world's first CNC machine tools, which set off a wave of "automation" revolution in the global industrial field, and the production mode of the old society was disintegrated and reshaped again and again.

                Among them, the industrial automation control system and the progress of the main board technology are the core reasons to push the revolution into the depth step by step."The industrial automation control system is the 'brain' of the equipment, which is needed for the operation of industrial equipment."Li Hongming said.

               Li Hongming is the chairman of Jifang Industrial Control company, started to enter the industrial control main board industry in 2004, is the witness and participant of this industry.Strongly advocated in his view, in the past two years, countries under the background of the new infrastructure, industrial automation wave will further speed up, and good g-kong motherboard makers will play an increasingly important role in the industrial chain, the application field would no longer be confined to the traditional industry such as the industrial, financial, medical, cloud computing, data storage, artificial intelligence and other emerging industry demand for industrial control board is on the rise.


      Keep up with the development of The Times and transform from a trading company to a high-tech enterprise

      Industrial control motherboard is mainly used in the industrial system, is a piece of integrated industrial computer many important components of the motherboard.Compared with the common motherboard, industrial control motherboard can work in a very harsh environment, tolerance is very strong.Because of its high efficiency, stable and reliable product characteristics, the industrial control main board has been widely used in the field of industrial control.

      At present, the market industrial control motherboard to choose a lot of domestic industrial control motherboard manufacturers are mainly distributed in the "electronic capital" of Shenzhen, Jifang industrial control is the leading brand of the industrial motherboard industry.

      According to phoenix guangdong, Jifang industrial Control began to enter this industry since 2004, mainly for industrial equipment to provide electronic parts sales, including industrial control veneer, complete machine, etc.In 2008, as more and more people entered the industry and the competition intensified, Li Hongming gradually realized that it was not a long-term solution to only do the industrial control main board, so he resolutely chose to build his own brand.

      Up to now, Ji Fang industrial control has developed into a set of product research and development, manufacturing, marketing, customer service as one of the technology-driven enterprises, and become a global strategic partner of Intel.From "trade and industry technology" to "technology and industry trade", Jifang industrial control out of a unique way of innovation.

             Li Hongming said that the road of Research and development of Jifang Industrial Control has gone for 12 years, from the agency to set up its own brand, and then to the establishment of research and development brand, do self-research supporting products;From supporting products to system integration;From studying abroad to independent research and development, we build a moat in industrial control industry step by step.

      Technology as the core, seize the opportunity to seize the domestic industrial control market

      Compared with foreign enterprises, China's industrial control industry started late, but developed rapidly. It is not easy to grab market share from foreign enterprises that have already occupied the first-mover advantage."Good technology is the key to the long-term development of enterprises."Li Hongming said.From 2008 began to develop independent brand so far, Ji Fang industrial control has been committed to new technology research and development, and created a technology leading, experienced r & D team.Externally, the cooperation with the chip giant Intel enables Jifang industrial Control to better learn and apply international advanced technologies and improve the enterprise's r&d and innovation capabilities

             Li hongming also said that the core technology of independent intellectual property rights is the 'lifeline' of enterprises.Jifang industrial Control Will continuously achieve breakthroughs in core technologies, master more key technologies with independent intellectual property rights, and control the leading right of industrial development.At present, ji Fang industrial control motherboard data processing and program control ability has always been located in the industrial control product frontier.As for the emerging new technologies such as 5G, cloud computing and the Internet of Things, Li said that he will continue to increase investment in research and development and strive to become an enterprise with higher technologies, better services and more complete product lines.

      In recent years, ji Fang industrial control r & D investment is still increasing.At present, nearly 50% of the employees are r&d personnel, and more than 40 technical patents, which shows that It is not surprising that The Company can achieve hundreds of millions of revenue in 2019.Technology is the key, but technology alone is not enough, how to make technology to meet the needs of various industries is the ultimate goal.After more than 10 years of technical accumulation, Ji Fang industrial control in industrial motherboard product technology has been quite mature.For retail, finance, network security, medical and other different industry application needs, Jifang industrial control through the standardized circuit module, mature modular application technology combination and industry special needs custom combination, can quickly and efficiently meet the needs of different industries.

      In short, as a technology-driven company, the firm self-research technology to fill the gaps in domestic industrial control products is the goal of Kyrgyz Industrial Control, but also as a Chinese enterprise responsibility.Today's Jifang industrial Control, has been the leader of the industrial control motherboard industry, will lead China's industrial control motherboard field to go further.

       Welcome the new infrastructure boom, practice internal skills to integrate products into a number of industries

      When talking about the future planning, Li hongming said that in the fourth and five-year plan of Jifang, we put forward the "123" strategy.Namely, the development strategy of "based on one core (creating value for customers as the core) and driven by two wings (technological innovation and system upgrading), the three carriages go hand in hand (products, markets and services)".

      In the market driven, in addition to retail, network security industry to maintain growth, will continue to develop medical, home, transportation and other fields, so that the application of products is no longer limited to a single industry.

      At the present stage, Jifang Industrial Control has established deep cooperation with Hisense and Logitech, and has been in close communication with network security head enterprises.In both the focus of intelligent manufacturing layout, and in the field of network security, financial, medical, etc to try, kyrgyzstan will conform to the development of Chinese industry control in the "home-grown alternative increasingly strengthen" rule, with the technical strength and deep industry experience over the years, realize the industrial production and the construction of infrastructure in more fields "independently controllable.

      Li has also never given up thinking about technology, saying that the success of a business depends on the weather, geography and people.Shenzhen as the center of the Greater Bay Area development trend is vigorous, this is the time;Facing the sea, near Hong Kong and Macao, this is the right place;Technical talents from all over the world are united and brave, which are people and people.

      In fact, with the advantage of shenzhen's electronics cluster industry, developed economic strength and strong sense of innovation, the development of Jifang Industrial Control over the past 16 years like a fish in water, now just when Shenzhen is committed to creating the "Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao greater Bay Area" and vigorously develop new infrastructure good opportunity, The future of Jifang Industrial control.

      Produced: Guangdong News Center of Ifeng.com

      Editor: Li Teng

      Proofread by Min Hu




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