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      With the advent of 5G, what network security preparations should we make?
      Column:Industry Dynamics Time:2020-03-27
      As the guangzhou-shenzhen-hong kong high-speed train roared north from shenzhen, additional 5G base stations flashed past the Windows. In the 300kph train, many passengers are watching the hd broadcast smoothly

      As the guangzhou-shenzhen-hong kong high-speed train roared north from shenzhen, additional 5G base stations flashed past the Windows. In the 300kph train, many passengers are watching the hd broadcast smoothly.

      Go fast, 5G escort. Shenzhen is making every effort to promote the large-scale construction of 5G network. The total number of 5G base stations in the city will reach 45,000 this year. It is expected that by the end of August this year, shenzhen will achieve full coverage of 5G network.

      Recently, the news that shenzhen is building a world-class 5G industrial cluster caused a stir in the whole industry.


          5G is a key new type of infrastructure that supports the digitalization, networking and intelligent transformation of the economy and society. To build a world-class 5G industrial cluster in shenzhen, China's 5G has pressed the "fast forward" button of 5G development.


      what is 5G?

      5G networks are fifth-generation mobile communications networks, with peak theoretical transmission speeds of 1GB per 8 seconds, hundreds of times faster than 4G networks.


      A 1G movie 

      It can be downloaded in 8 seconds 

      As a new generation of mobile communication network 

      5G network has been highly concerned by all walks of life 

      But in the middle of it all 

      The security of 5G networks is people 

      A big worry


      Concerns about security risks in 5G networks


      Firstly, 5G network can successfully realize the connection between various mobile terminals and realize the sharing of data at the same time. However, this also makes it possible for data to be connected and Shared from everywhere with great potential for information leakage.


      Secondly, the intelligence of mobile terminals and devices, but whether this powerful function can be maliciously used; At the same time, the smart device connected to the network may become a tool for attackers and become a security hazard;


      In addition, the mobile terminals based on 5G network have limited self-protection capability, imperfect security protection capability, and complex security risks in the era of big data, which are all potential problems in the development process of 5G network security.


      Eight out of every ten networks face huge security risks!

      No matter unit leader, or network security managers, we must follow the security trend, the latest network security protection technology applied to Intranet management! We consider the following risk scenarios, any time may bring catastrophic losses to the enterprise!

      1. The network is accessed randomly, and the identity cannot be located

      Unit network can be arbitrarily involved by external equipment, external viruses are easy to invade, causing huge losses to unit security

      2. Unable to locate abnormal devices quickly

      There is no procedural event tracking mechanism such as early warning, automatic judgment, processing and archiving, etc., and abnormal devices cannot be located quickly

      3. Move the usb flash drive and use it randomly, resulting in data leakage

      The unit is unable to control the mobile storage medium, resulting in frequent U disk leaks, which cannot be tracked and managed

      4. Too many assets for unified management

      The network structure is complex, the equipment is various, a large number of traditional terminal, intelligent terminal and other devices are distributed in the network, equipment artificial supervision is difficult

      5. High maintenance cost, time-consuming and laborious

      Large unit range, more Internet equipment, maintenance personnel more products need more maintenance, increase maintenance time

      6. Illegal outreach is out of control

      Terminal connection to the Internet in many ways: private wireless network card, wireless WIFI and other ways can bypass the monitoring of the internal network directly connected to the external network, open the door to the outside


      For 5G network security development

      Potential danger

      We have to take strong security measures to avoid it


      5G network security measures

      The development of security technology is the core means and measures of 5G network security. 5G network emphasizes functionality, flexibility and scalability, but security is also an important requirement in the development of 5G network.

      Flexible collocation, strong expansion of a variety of gigabit, ten thousand network modules; 7*24 hours stable operation of network security host and other security equipment is a very important means of 5G network security measures.


      jifang industrial control: to provide the leading industrial grade 5G network security products

      Jifang has 15 years of experience in the development of industrial mainboard and main engine, leading technology of industrial grade network security products.


      To better provide safeguards for 5 g, kyrgyzstan to provide a wide range of industrial control in the veneer and the whole machine, through the network security protection, Internet behavior management, total score VPN interconnection, content audit, traffic management, and wan acceleration key application, for the user to solve the network access agnostic, illegal outreach, uncontrolled, irregularities tube ", dedicated to provide users with a comprehensive network security management solutions, for clients to build a stable, reliable, safe, real-time communications network. Products have been widely used in smart transportation, smart grid, smart city, smart factory, education and other fields.


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